Cafe Blush - Emporium’s new high tea salon


Fusion cuisine is always a dicey game, but when someone really nails it—you notice.

Emporium’s new high tea salon, Cafe Blush, is pushing fusion food to its geographical limit. There are 9,000km between Italy and Japan, and the Calia Collective chefs have decided to put them both on a plate at the same time.

So what does that look like? Think dishes like Mentaiko pasta: spicy Pollack roe stirred through fresh pasta and topped with shiso and nori. It’s a fiery, briny, salty combo, perfect for anchovy-lovers.


If cutting-edge fusion isn’t your scene (for some people, there’ll always be a reason God put Italy and Japan so far apart), Cafe Blush also does your more traditional high tea fare. Strawberry parfait, layered with cream, house-baked madeleines and brownies, Early Grey Crème Brûlée with delicate almond tuiles, or even an umami-packed mushroom soup.

The high tea sessions run all day and will set you back $49.90pp. Whack on Chandon Rose for an extra $10, or go all-out with Moet for an extra $20.

Now the big question: do we eat the Japanese pasta with chopsticks? This is a fusion minefield...

High Tea at Cafe Blush Emporium - A truly luxurious experience from start to finish


Cafe Blush, Emporium Melbourne's newest high tea salon, is proudly turning the traditional High Tea experience on its head.

Forget predictable flavours and bland interiors as Cafe Blush brings Japanese flair to much loved Italian classics.

Conveniently located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, Cafe Blush could easily be mistaken for a French tea house. Experience its Parisian charm as you step through the spectacular lace bifold doors and take in the light-filled interiors and lush greenery. Hanging delicately throughout the inviting space are magnificent paper roses, individually handcrafted by Melbourne artelier, Amanda Ray.


Never your typical high tea, this Calia Collective project is all about decadent Italian dishes with a Japanese twist. Having worked with Michelin Star chef Francisco Javier Araya on the hugely successful Calia, a passion for Japanese cuisine was ignited. Further inspired by a transformative culinary tour through Italy, the Calia Collective knew a fusion of both cultures was the perfect progression.


From pasta to parfait, Cafe Blush's tantalising menu boasts dishes with traditional Italian elements and innovative Japanese flavours. Created using authentic brined and seasoned Japanese pollack roe, nothing represents this fusion more than their signature mentaiko pasta. Striking the perfect balance of savoury and spicy flavours, it's a must try for seafood lovers. A beloved speciality in Fukuoka, this Japanese Italian love affair has yet to hit Australia until now.


If you are after something a little sweeter, enjoy the exquisite range of desserts Cafe Blush has to offer.

Sip on freshly brewed Calia Coffee or a glass of Moet & Chandon champagne and witness the artistry of renowned Le Cordon Bleu pastry chefs. Why not treat yourself to a lush strawberry parfait or Earl Grey tea creme brulee with almond tuile? With dishes presented on Cristina Re teaware and Le Creuset servingware, Cafe Blush is a truly luxurious experience from start to finish.